Thursday, May 12, 2005

Scenes From Trinity

Scenes From Trinity

Items received today in order to scare me about the great big post-final gaping hole:

*Details of my alumni email address. Hold on there, please, I've not quite got to alumni status yet. I think you actually have to pass your degree to get there.

*The date of English finalist dinner. I like free dinners with free wine. Ok, I love free dinners with free wine and the opportunity to dress up. I do not like being told about them when they mean that I'll be in the post finals wilderness.

*Career's Service Information request. Not quite the same as the one the college sent, in that they were writing to say that in December I'll need to fill in a form as to what I'm doing. On their list of possible suggestions none of them seemed to incorporate either tortured writer or Golden Arches employee.

Things that annoyed me:

*That the Department for Trade and Industry are having a conference here so the college is swarming with men in suits. Which is odd, almost like my space has been invaded by loud American men. Plus given that I know how much St Anne's charge students here I'm glad that this is where everyone's tax money is going.

*My flip flops rubbing and thus my feet now being covered in very attractive waterproof plasters.

Things that made me smile:

*My scout taking pity on my obviously mounting insanity and doing my washing up. After the first scout that I had here I'm still surprised when a scout actually cleans anything, let alone does something that they're not paid to do.

*Looking up the route that the pageant carts for the York Mystery Plays took and finding it amusing that I could walk the route in my head.


Val said...

Awww, York Mystery Plays Pageant Carts - they're doing them again next year you know! From memeory the last staging was somewhere outside what is now M&S!

Did I mention how many times I've been to the crucifixion?


Corinne said...

Y'know, I don't think you did ;-)

I didn't know that they were doing them next year, I'm rather worryingly excited at the prospect!

Bex said...

I empathises with No 1, my bloody uni are flaunted the possibilty of graduate cermonies in my mid-revision somewhat deranged face. This would maybe have been acceptable if they had only sent the information once and I had filled it on the floor with all the other "important" mail but to send it to me 4 times was just pushing it a little.

BTW I finished my finals today - and yes, inevitably I am drunk