Monday, May 02, 2005

An Oxford Story

An Oxford Story

So yesterday I wrote the following about May Day:

"It's the day when a good percentage of Oxford's populous descend upon Magdalen College to hear the choir boys sing, and not jump in the Cherwell, at a time when it's normally only the rowers up and about".

And because I live in a college as far away from Magdalen as it is possible to be without attending a different university and I was in my own Chaucer inflicted zone yesterday it wasn't until this lunch time today that I heard that people had jumped in and consequently injured themselves. And not just one or two. Lots of people. Possibly not as many as the reports are saying, but enough to make me wonder why on earth people continued to jump into a river that has been ridiculously shallow for months. I know there's tradition but someone was paralysed in the mid nineties after jumping in. I can't believe that people continue to do it.

Thankfully, despite what it says over on the BBC, broken legs aside, no one was seriously hurt. I feel rather uncomfortable about it all. I'd say that I'd hope that people might take note, but I'm not sure.


Sammy said...

Sounds very 'hillbilly' out there at Oxford, what with all the wreckless cliff-jumping into shallow water and all. Did you happen to go to a tailgate party after hearing the choir boys?

Corinne said...

I had to google to find out what a 'tailgate party' was, but, worryingly, I think you're on the right track. We don't get out much here in Oxford.

Sammy said...

Sounds pretty much like Texas.

Wow. Should I be proud or ashamed, having added to the vocabulary of a 'wanabe playright'?

Nik said...

Ah, erm well that kinda ruins my plan of jumping in. Was actually going to ask you if the water was skanky? Hmm. I'll stick to the York fountain then... xxx