Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Exit, Pursued By A Velvet Tie

Exit, Pursued By A Velvet Tie

I'd been holding off purchasing a tie to replace the one that has disappeared to the great Yorkshire triangle just because buying a new one would mean that I would have to except that I have finals. If you're not following the connection, for university exams we have to wear subfusc, which is basically gown, mortar board hat that we're not allowed to wear and hence is only useful to put pencils in, and what amounts to black and white school uniform for the girls. Boys have to wear suits and white bow ties. Somehow with my black velvet ribbon girly tie I think I got off lightly. But today I had to accept the inevitable and go and buy a new tie. Whilst managing not to get too envious of the clothing in Karen Millen*. As it was a negotiated that problem and even managed to buy the tie without having to also purchase one of the million items that have 'St Anne's' written across them**. It's now lying in its bag on the floor and probably will remain there until Sunday night as it's far too scary an item to have in full view.

Given that the tie purchase has generated 'the fear' I've been rather glad that today is a mini-work day. By mini I mean four hours of revision as opposed to eight or nine. And to mark this last wondrous day of almost revision freedom, I'm going to see Edward Hall's Watermill Theatre production of The Winter's Tale tonight. Which doubles as revision for my Shakespeare paper so I'm rather smug. I'd been umming about going to see this, as I saw the Watermill Theatre production of A Midsummer Night's Dream two years ago and wasn't overly impressed. It was notable only for i)scaring the guy I was with when he wandered out of the stalls during the interval and was confronted by the cast dancing*** and ii)providing the only time that I've ever seen Moonshine steal the final act****. But when I was searching for reviews for my revision I chanced upon the Guardian review and, well, I like the idea. Anyway, I just want to see what they do with the bear line.

*Karen Millen doesn't sell subfusc - or at least not yet - it's just the shop's on the same street.

**Keyring, anyone?

***Apparently the mechanicals were morris dancing.

****Normally it's Wall who steals it. Obviously if you don't know the play that makes no sense. I'd explain but as it's a play-within-a-play bit it would get confusing. Just trust me on this.


Val said...

Once again you've made me desparately envious - I'd love to go to the Watermill Theatre (mainly because the best artistic director York TR had went there) and I loved Edward Hall's production of Henry V at the RSC. And I think Winters Tale is my favourite of the Romances.

Can't wait to hear what they do about the bear - hopefully better than one production I saw which was like a bear rug come to life!

Corinne said...

Will review properly tomorrow but I will say for now - it was beautiful.

As for the bear, I'm keeping my lips sealed for the moment ;-). There was a bear rug but, thankfully, it stayed on the floor. I did chuckle at the little Shakespeare in-joke when I saw it though.

Cat said...

now that Val has done the serious drama criticism stuff, it just falls to me to say; you have to have a mortar board which you're not allowed to wear???

hope you enjoyed your night off Cx

Corinne said...

Oh yes, doing something as sensible as putting on a hat that you have to buy is frowned upon. I believe it's still in the rules somewhere that you can be sent down* for wearing it prior to graduation.

*For fact fans, the not as amusing enforced explusion version of 'going down'.