Sunday, May 08, 2005

Do You Want Fries With That?

Do You Want Fries With That?

Me: The college sent me a form for my details for when I go down*.

Daddy Furness: So instead of trying to get us to book a cruise with them**, they'll be bothering you?

Me: Yes.

Daddy Furness: Unless you get a third, when you'll never be allowed to return.

Me: I think if I get rich and give them money, they'll over look that.

Daddy Furness: So there's still the chance of a plaque. Or a building.

Me: Yep. But that's not the worst bit.

Daddy Furness: What is?

Me: There's a section for "Job/Further Course after going down".

Daddy Furness: That's nice of them to remind you about that.

Me: What am I going to put there?

Daddy Furness: McDonalds?

* "going down" is the official Oxford terminology for finishing term. Try saying that with a straight face.

**Yes, you can go on a "St Anne's Cruise".


Nik said...

just because they clearly like their tradition and their own little language without the realisation of what they're saying, i think you should put 'hooker'...

Nik said...

now about that st anne's cruise...?