Monday, May 02, 2005

But They Did Decree That Chanel Was Acceptable

But They Did Decree That Chanel Was Acceptable

Given that Oxford has been enjoying something of a mini heatwave over the last few days* I finally accepted that my burberry sunglasses are beyond repair and that I would have to go and buy a new pair. I'd been putting this off for a number of reasons. Mainly because my going in any shop that sells more than bread and toilet roll is tantamount to disaster. It's summer, I'm tired of revision and fighting the urge to shop. I mentally have a list of things in my head that I want to buy. The only thing that's stopping me? The New York fund. And I know that if I go into shops I'm going to be tempted. Under situations of stress my primary reaction is to buy either an item of clothing or a book. So I can be stylish and well read or I can go to New York. It's a tough one. I hope Fox appreciates the sacrifice.

But I needed sunglasses. My eyes needed sunglasses. So I accepted the inevitable and set off bright and early to avoid the Oxford masses. For 45 minutes I tried on sunglasses. Cheap ones. Expensive ones. Ones that would have required nearly 20% of my student loan. Could I find a pair I liked? No. Could I find lots of other items that I'd have liked to have bought? Yes. So I decided that if I wasn't going to get a new pair of sunglasses then I was at least going to buy myself a necklace. I know what I said about the New York fund, but I figured that one ethnic style necklace could be used to update a whole bunch of my regular clothing thus satisfying my craving without meaning that I was swimming to the US. And, as these things work, it was as I was looking for a necklace I noted some sunglasses that I'd admired in one of those trashy glossy mags that litter my floor. Or, if not the actual ones, then a more attractive copy.

The result? I am now the proud owner of a pair of almost-Chanel-turtle-shell sunglasses. Only my sunglasses, let's call them Coco in honour, are not quite as bulky and are more rounded. They're still big and dark enough for me to feel like a filmstar coming through customs though. Which wannabe future famous person that I am, I have to love. And clearly Coco and I were made for each other as I ended up with a 15% student discount. That's the sort of maths that I like.

And since I was on a roll it would have been rude not to have bought the necklace.

*Apologies to my Northern readers. If it's any consolation I'm very red and sore and if the rain this afternoon was anything to go by the heatwave's finished.

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Shona said...

We did have a consolation day on Monday in this corner of the North but not enough to require Coco covered eyes or high factor cream!

I think it is the accessories that are noticed Corinne .... so the odd splurge can't be too bad.