Tuesday, May 03, 2005



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Really I should have blogged this yesterday but in the heat of my Coco enfatuation, I forgot. Basically the above would be a picture of Al and James the sheep and Jessie. They all celebrated their birthdays over the last few days. Just run with me on this one.

I can't vouch much for Jessie's year [though the fact that she had open heart surgery within 48 hours of our knowing her can't be a good indication*], but Al [who lives with me] and James [who lives with Nik] have had, shall we say, an eventful year. On the normal side James went to South Africa and Al to Austria and Hungary. On the less normal side they got dunked in alcohol at Aston University May Ball and were made to kiss - by Fox I would add - at the Friends party at the Clapham Grand. In between they've been to cricket, Eurovision parties and more than one or two Griffin events. They've also been a worryingly enjoyable source of entertainment. And hence, in honour of all that amusement, I just had to blog about them.

Normal service - hopefully without references to sheep - will be resumed when my light grasp on sanity has returned.

*In layman's terms, her stuffing started coming out.


Nik said...

just laughed out loud and lucy's called me a crazy lady, hmmm. anyways, isn't that my picture...? xxx

Nik said...

james the sheep wants to go to london again... xx

Val said...

It was also Dan's (that would be Dan B Dogg) birthday on 1 May - he's well travelled too having been to Istanbul and Oxford (where he had the traumatic experience of being kidnapped - it makes been stuffed in a plastic bag and packed in a suitcase pale into insignificance!)

He has, of course, scared Griffin on a number of occasions!