Thursday, May 05, 2005

Any Dream Will Do

Any Dream Will Do

Whilst I'm very aware of Henry James's statement "tell a dream, lose a reader" I'm going to blatently ignore it.

Before I get started I don't often dream. Or if I do dream then I don't remember them. The exceptions to this rule are times when I'm ill, stressed or sleeping on a floor. Since I'm not ill and am in the comfort of my own bed I'm thinking that impending finals [I don't think I mentioned them] may be contributing to number two. So I've been dreaming. Mostly odd, random dreams. One about being back at school. A couple with odd combinations of people in them. One that made me glad that I wasn't seeing Griffin in the immediate future because of my need to blush.

Last night I was on a bus. And it wasn't an Oxford bus, more of a slightly manky Leeds city centre bus. Well, how the Leeds city centre buses looked when I was little. So lots of stuffing coming out of regulation brown seats. I seemed to be quite content on this bus, despite the fact that I'd tripped back 15 years or so. Until, that is, a large blonde man got on the bus with a gun. And it took me a moment or two to realise that it was a gun. But when I did. I immediately felt a rush of panic. And then the next thing I knew he'd fired the gun. Only rather than a bullet coming out, what emerged was a huge jet of water. It was a bloody water pistol. I'd nearly had a heart attack over a water pistol. But, my God, it looked like a gun.

I'd like to say that at this point I risked my life and limb, ok my clothing getting wet, and tackled the man with the water pistol. Unfortunately, though, I didn't have time for such heroic activities as I managed to wake myself up. Typical.

But I don't want to be seeing any super soakers any time soon, thank you very much.


gayle said...

So anyway, the Griffin dream...?

bex said...

funnily enough, thats what I was thinking? ;)

Sammy said...

...Ahem...I want to hear the Griffin dream too, if you dare tell.

Corinne said...

I should have guessed I couldn't get away with that being a throw-away sentence!

Erm, within the bounds of decency in a public blog that has my name on, it involved a table in my local pub (worryingly the table where I normally sit for the pub quiz). Thankfully there didn't seem to be any tourists walking around looking for the CS Lewis/Tolkien information display at the time.

Cat said...

omg - I've been in that pub! I feel soiled. don't get me started on the mirrored lift in the Thistle, Middlesbrough, though...