Saturday, April 16, 2005

You don't get this in Waugh...

You don't get this in Waugh...

Having arrived back in Oxford this afternoon I am somewhat disgruntled to discover that I am not, as I expected, happily blogging from my room with the joys of broadband and a packet of jaffa cakes on hand after four weeks of exploding computer monitors and dialup. Instead I find myself in the computer room, next to a buzzing machine with not a jaffa cake in sight. It would seem that after many protestations that our housing issues of last term were part of the past, my internet has once again disappeared. And like Queen Victoria before me, I am not amused*.

Indeed I'm generally feeling rather not amused at the moment. For reasons known to no one, over the last month college have swapped my bed. Normally you would think that this would be for an upgrade. But that would be far too obvious an answer and I am instead presented with a bed that would not look out of place in any high-security hospital circa 1950. In a possibly even more soul destroying initiative my ill-gotten Baileys late glass has dissapeared from my cupboard. I believe that I've only drunk out of this glass once but it remained as a badge of pride and a momento of why I should be watched at all times in pubs. Since I was the last to leave the house last term and the first in this term I can only surmise that either i)my scout has reasoned that it was stolen from the college bar and has returned it along with all the pint glasses which occupied New Housemate's cupboard or ii)one of those sneaky conference guests has swanned off with it. And since there are very few legal ways that someone would come to be in possession of such a glass the number of enquiries I can make about it are somewhat limited. As some kind of swap bargain, however, I do seem to have gained a frying pan. How or why is again beyond me.

Just to add to my disquiet I have an exam on Friday afternoon, that counts for nothing other than a tutor's desire to frighten the life out of us. And mess up my revision timetable.

What can I say but - welcome back!

*Though I doubt that she uttered the statement in relation to internet access.


Val said...

I am disproportionately sad about the lost of the bailey's glass - that will forever be one of the highlights of new years eve - well, that and the free 'champagne' outside the Minster! x
p.s. you could always go back and nick another!!

Nik said...

frying pan = pancakes. 'Nuff said. xx