Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Movin' Out, Baby!

Movin' Out, Baby!

In a moment of true blog creativity Nik and I are both blogging at the same time*. The reason for this?

Fox's debut on Broadway which should be starting right now.

In the only words I can muster: COME ON!!!!!

[Oh, and as an afterthought, happy birthday!]

*Subject to various circumstances beyond our control. If you're interested I'm sure that Nik will blog about them in the next 24 hours or so...


val said...

Come on Fox! for obvious reasons (i.e. being on the M1 at the time) I didn't raise a glass to him at the appropriate time, but I thought about him, and have drunk a few in his honour since I got in!

What a birthday!

Nik said...

COME ON FOX!! Unfortunately being stuck on a coach for the best part of eight hours meant I couldn't drink to J, or indeed yell 'Come on James!' but I'm sure he'll be just fine anyway. I have however sung Happy Birthday to him, with Corinne. xxx