Friday, April 22, 2005

It's maddness to resist or blame

It's maddness to resist or blame

The morning I saw the next month stretch out before me.

Y'know how normal people sing in the shower?

This morning I recited Marvell's 'An Horatian Ode in Honour of Cromwell's Return From Ireland' whilst in the shower. And when I'd done that I had a bash at my selected stanzas from 'Upon Appleton House'.

Maybe I shouldn't be telling people about this.


Cat said...

no, you shouldn't. love you anyway you though, Cx

Nik said...

hmm I think that beats the time that I woke up reciting Romeo & Juliet and I wasn't even studying it. xx

turboslut said...

Just wanted to welcome you to the webring.

My blog is The Mad Ramblings of T.S. Ellis.

I look forward to reading your blog.

T x