Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm just a jukebox dirtbag, baby

I'm just a jukebox dirtbag, baby

Yesterday, after literally months of waiting, I ended up in Evil Eye in York. Which is in itself a major event just for seeing the bewildering array of vodka which lines the shelves behind the bar. Rather than partaking in the vodka [I saved the Russian element for later in the evening], I had to what was to all intents and purposes a quite alcoholic chocolate milkshake. Which is a rather bizarre concept to get your head around. But with that much Baileys - and added cream - I was more than willing to attempt to get my head around it. Or more specifically my mouth.

Slug and Lettuce, Oscars and a detour to the Parliament street fountain* later**, Val and I found ourselves in The Star pub. Now I like this pub. They have cheap drinks, it's never too busy and I even once gained a Baileys glass from there. Their starring feature, however, is undoubtedly their jukebox. Or more accurately, their starring feature was their jukebox. When we rolled over to it last night it turned out that the good old fashioned Griffin and Busted playing jukebox had been replaced with a swanky new touch-screen version. And with the swanky new jukebox came a total lack of Griffin or 'Air Hostess'. I was, and indeed still am, quite disgruntled about that. Possibly some of my outrage was generated by the fact that my alcohol intake has been pretty low in the last few weeks and the Russian Strawberries at Oscars had made me giggly and willing to vocalise outrage. The rest of my outrage was probably due to the nagging factor that we'd possibly contributed to the jukebox's untimely demise - I suppose there really is only so many times that barstaff can deal with Busted medleys or marginally tipsy women yelling 'COME ON!' in the midst of their pub. Possibly the bingo-dirtbag version of teenage dirtbag was the final nail in the coffin.

But, goodbye bubblegum-pop playing Jukebox. I'll miss you.***

*Spurting status: impressive.

**With Val managing to lead us down dark alleyways and therefore potentially to our deaths only twice.

***Though this does mean the search is on to find a Griffin playing Jukebox.


gayle said...

The question on everyone's lips, though, is did you have a little Griffin between two baps from the burger van?

Corinne said...

Sadly, although we passed the Little Griffin Van it was far too early in the evening to partake in such culinary delights. And, indeed, I was full from the 'free' food at the time...

Nik said...

Just because you're famous, you think you can avoid the cameras?! xxx

Val said...

I have phone pics! the jukebox was a shock tho, and I'm convinced we may have helped cause its removal!!