Saturday, April 23, 2005

If Only I Were This Organised In Real Life

If Only I Were This Organised In Real Life

After five days of ten minutes here, ten minutes there, Distant Aggravation now has archives by topic as well as date:

Fox - Entries relating to my 'best friend'.

Griffin - Popstar-boy. I think I mention him ever so occasionally.

In My Head - General, everyday entries. Embarrassment factor probably very high. Mentions of cowboy boots probably higher still.

Literature - That'll be the blog equivalent of quoting Marvell in the shower, then.

Oxford - More pub quizzes and odd tutors than gowns and punting it must be said. To be avoided if finals panic is not your proverbial bag.

Riccardi - Small but perfectly formed archive for the Riccardi boys.

Some Sort of Beautiful - Since it's my blog, SSoB gets its own section.

Theatre - Hopefully to include more than the odd review for Jesus Christ Superstar.

In creating the topics I've discovered that it might be an idea for me to branch out in subject matter ever so occasionally...


Nik said...

And following my recent acceptance of my predictability, guess which link I clicked first...?! xx

Corinne said...

I did think of you when I put them into alphabetical order and Fox came out top!

Val said...

Looking at those groupings, I can tick most of those boxes!! - I was looking for the ND grouping, but I guess we feed into them all.(lol)xxx

Sammy said...

Boy I'm jealous, I can't for the life of me figure out how to archive by subject with my blogger account... so I guess that's why YOU'RE the 'Oxford finalist' and I make minimum wage.

But how DID you do it??

Glad I found your blog, by the way...very witty.

Corinne said...

I wish that I could claim that I'd invented some fantastic hack for blogger, but the truth?

It was bugging me that nowhere on Blogger did there seem to be advice for how to make categories so I googled and found this.

As it says it's very easy once you've got it set up, but the actual setting up was a bit tedious and long winded - not to mention having to then go through my blog and archive three months worth of daily posts [thank God for Firefox's Tabs!].

I'm a big fan of blogger but it's definitely one of its drawbacks that it doesn't have a built in category mechanism.

Dear me, that almost reads like a sensible comment! And thank you, Sammy - your cheque's in the post ;-)