Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"I was in the toilet with Griffin!"

"I was in the toilet with Griffin!"

That title made you look. And it's true. You're just going to have to wait for me to explain it.

Before I had the incident with the car door and the oncoming bus, I'd been to see Riccardi at Bush Hall with Nik and Becky. And thanks to the Oxford Tube managing the unprecendented feat of getting me into London in the 1 hour forty minutes that they claim in their advertising and Becky's generosity, I ended up drinking Baileys in what can only be described as an Old Man's Pub. Indeed we were the youngest by a good three decades. But I haven't been drinking recently - despite appearances in my room and its collection of alcohol - and so I got giggly very quickly. Not drunk, but giggly. And I'm normally quite giggly. So you can imagine the situation here.

Thus having to wait slightly for the doors to open - basking in the glory of my geographical prowess that may not allow me to read maps but does seem to be spot on in finding random Riccardi venues - didn't bother me. Adopting a kind of dignified, but muffled, sprint to get a table near the front when inside didn't bother me either. And as people who know me will be aware - I do not run properly. I kind of mince. So I minced to the front in record time. As it turned out we didn't have long to wait before the boys were on. Their set was rather fab but also rather short too (cue Simon Guitar checking afterwards that we hadn't paid to get in) and, being first on, the audience hadn't built up. By the end of the evening, though, the venue was buzzing and when Nik and my favourite Scot, Posh Young Farmer Boy, appeared on stage, it was packed and rather loud. But Posh Young Farmer Boy was rather impressive too, though to say he's only 18 his songs really seem to have the weight of the world on them. Not, I guess as the author of SSoB, that I can talk much. In true About A Boy stylee, he also sings with his eyes closed. Which whilst I do sometimes listen with my eyes closed, I always sing with them open. So I can talk about that.

In between Nik and I pondered crucial decisions such as who was the best dressed of Riccardi. In the end Ricci Drums won through, mainly because he talked the right talk. And for the fact that Simon Guitar and Billy Bass were both disqualified, for a black and brown combo and really dodgy shoes respectively. I also discovered that as a venue I rather like Bush Hall; the bar was teeming with people who dress like I do - I stopped counting cowboy boots after the fifth pair - so I felt slightly more at home than I did eating my chips with a fork in the Old Man's Pub.

But I guess you're wondering about the toilets. Well, it seems that it is a habit of Bush Hall to have reviews of now-famous acts who have performed there. And in the cubicle I went into I was promptly greeted with a review for Griffin. Sadly, it was the wrong Griffin, not least because this Griffin was blonde and female, but as the review referred to her throughout as Griffin I got more than my fair share of comedy value out of it. I'm hoping there was no one other than Nik in the loos when I read out the choice snippets of the review, however. Or indeed when I loudly proclaimed that I been in the toilet with Griffin. I'm thinking that probably cancelled out the eating chips with a fork incident. Back to the Old Man's Pub for me.

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Becky said...

I love old men pubs - they sell real ale mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

and neither of us fell over all night whoo hoo

and how come there are never any Griffin's in the toilets I go into??? :)