Sunday, April 17, 2005

How To: Make Me Go Insane

How To: Make Me Go Insane

Change the codes for all of the buildings in college, including my house, and not tell me .

Really, I like standing outside of buildings wracking my brain for a code that I may or may not have forgotten during the vacation. I like having to trail through the building site to the lodge several times a day to get the right code even more.


cat said...

oh dear, you're not having much fun are you? I'd say that you'll miss all this in a few short weeks' time, but you probably won't. Cx

Nik said...

noooooooooo! does that mean the code that I memorised after about a day doesn't work anymore? how rude!
though, to be fair, I could never remember the codes at manor - they changed them after every hols and I had to run around with the code written on my hand. xx

Shona said...

That is just mean - don't they know you've got enough to remember at the moment.