Wednesday, April 06, 2005

How To: Make Me Freak Out

How To: Make Me Freak Out

Have the following conversation with me when we've never previously spoken:

Dancing Bear*: [having looked at me in an odd manner for a few moments] I know you from somewhere.

Headless Voice**: She's famous.

Me: Yes, I'm famous.

Dancing Bear: [looking as if he is pondering which lowbrow soap I'm in] I recognise you.

Me: [realising that I really shouldn't take the famous thing any further] Right.

Dancing Bear: You've changed.

Me: Aherm?

Dancing Bear: You've changed.

Me: Have I?

Dancing Bear: Yes. [ponders for a second] You go to Oxford.

Me: [Totally flabergasted and only a little worried that Dancing Bear knows that fact] Yes. How do you know that?

Dancing Bear: Oh, I've seen you around.

Me [internally]: What with a neon flashing sign above me head saying that I go to Oxford?

Me [out loud]: Ok.

The conversation momentarily stops as I exchange a couple of sentences with Griffin. Actually if I'm getting this right we exchange a sentence and a half, before we're interrupted.*** Griffin deals with the interuption which gives Dancing Bear his second opportunity to commence.

Dancing Bear: You've changed.

Me [interally]: Yes, I've changed since I left you. I've moved on.****

Me [out loud]: Erm, my hair's longer, I've lost a bit of weight...I've honestly not had any kind of radical plastic surgery.

Dancing Bear: You look like your younger sister.

I pull a clearly bemused face. I wasn't aware that Dancing Bear had met my sister too.

Dancing Bear: So to speak.

Me: Right. Thank you.

Griffin, unwittingly, saves the day by turning round again and Dancing Bear and I are parted.

*Somewhat thankfully no longer wearing his Dancing Bear costume.

**Not an actual headless voice, but the voice of someone nearby, the identity of whom I'm not sure of. Yep, the famous 'joke' has caught on.

***Read the subtext of my opinion on this one in how I phrased that sentence.

****So I watch far too much of Neighbours, and find that an amusing possible response.


val said...

I think the bear may have drunk more than I realised - and I totally missed all of this conversation!!
Still think the interruption was incredibly rude though! xxx

Nik said...

Announcer man scared me. I am still at a loss as to how he knew you go to Oxford. xx

Corinne said...

I think Dancing Bear had drunk more than he realised. And I'm still scared about the Oxford thing, eek.