Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Future's Blog-Shaped

The Future's Blog-Shaped

You may or may not have noticed that I've recently updated my link section and it seems a shame for them to sit there without my elaborating on why I like them*.


When my blog grows up it wants to be Dooce. Possibly with fewer mentions of poop, admittedly. But Dooce nonetheless.

The reason for this? As well as having a ridiculously cute daughter she makes me snort out loud more than any other blog writer. Snorting might not be pretty, but hey, in the comfort of your own room it's always a good thing. She's also a bit of a trail-blazer with the blogging thing have gotten fired for writing about her job in her blog. Can you hear 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' playing in the back ground?

Election/Eurovision World of Chig

I stumbled upon Chig via one of the other blogs on my list and the clue as to why he's now firmly implanted on my list is in the very title of his blog. And as well as the Eurovision thing how could I not immediately bookmark someone who has the following sentence in their bog profile: "He meets minor pop stars for 5 minutes at a time, then pretends they are his friends".

And yes, for those readers who are joining the dots and getting excited**, it does mean that he's met Fox.

Green Fairy Dot Com

Articulate, funny and every now and then surprisingly delicate. Not sure that she'd agree with the large pile of glossy magazines that live next to my bed though.

Little Blue Teacup

Source of only a little bit, ok a lot, of 'oh that's odd' thoughts on my part. Not because of her blog, I might add, but because she's a finalist too. And called Corrinne.

There'll be enough of us for a whole Army soon.

My Boyfriend's A Twat

C'mon, with a title like that it was always going to be a brilliant blog, wasn't it?

Nothing More Than Me

People with blogs which are named after lines in the same song should stick together. And, anyway, there are suspicions that Nik and I are the same person. I wouldn't like to make a call on that either way. If you don't already, go read her blog and leave a comment with the word 'dubious' in it. She'll love you forever.

Ramblings of A Writer

Billygean's a real-life friend of Nik. Not only does she love REM, she has legitimate reasons to get excited about tutus. I'm not sure whether she does get excited about tutus or not, but, hey, I do. Pity my first born daughter.

Petite Anglaise

A Brit living in Paris with Mr Frog and Little Miss Tadpole. I think that sentence sums up exactly why I love her blog.

Random Acts of Reality

Not only is this incredibly well written but it, erm, pushes the envelope of blogging better than any blog I've read. The list of ideas that I want to steal from it is endless.

Tequila Mockingbird

How, as an English undergraduate, could I fail to be moved by the title? And you know that thing where you feel stressed and want to get on a plane and fly out to a random destination? She actually does it. Can you feel the awe?

The Gospel According To Rhys

Now Rhys is another finalist who, when not at Uni in Liverpool, lives in Colwyn Bay. And you know what? I stayed in a cottage in Colwyn Bay with my parents when I was little. I even have a picture of me some years later in a very dodgy checked shirt taken at the Welsh Mountain Zoo. That, of course, is neither here nor there when it comes to Rhys's blog. Go read, just don't listen to what he says about the Boat Race.

This Fish

New York, Baby! Surprisingly wistful. And pink.

Troubled Diva

My God***, this man knows his music. Plus I feel educated now I know what a "kissing forest" is.

Way Off Loop

A real-world friend, Reina's LJ's largely dedicated to the reviews she's writing at the moment. Basically makes you - well me - feel extremely envious that Chicago isn't a possible commute for all the free tickets that she gets.

Welsh Girl In Leeds

The first time I read her blog I saw the phrase 'oop North'. After that I had to keep on reading.

*Humour me, it's this or I give you a list of all the quotes - and their corresponding mental images - that I've had to memorise today.

**For anyone else, I'm sorry. It's a disease.

***Yep, that would be a Rigsby joke.


Val said...

If you're reading all these blogs, just when do you do your revision?
And when we first met Fox, he was wearing the same t-shirt!!

Rhys said...

Hey. I work in the Welsh Mountain Zoo! Small world eh :)

Nik said...

As the expert in Fox's clothing & trainers [I can't believe I've just said that sentence out loud, so to speak], I was too excited about the fact that there was a picture of James* to notice that top. And then I realised that I can't remember what top he was wearing, only his jacket. So clearly you must know from being inside BBC Radio York, and singlehandedly contributing to the presenter calling him Alistair...Or I was paying too much attention to yelling and not being thrown out of the Barbican to notice his top...Oh actually - I REMEMBER NOW! Ah, that took long enough.

*I feel a need to add that I am having a somewhat s**t day [and it's only half 11] and including that link in your blog has, rather predictably, cheered me up. Yes I know, I need help. Preferably to mend 1 broken stereo.

Corrinne said...

Thanks you! When I read what you'd put about little blue teacup, my immediate reaction was "oh god! she thinks i'm odd!"
Then I read it again and realised that wasn't quite what you'd said... phew. (although, this year I do feel pretty odd, so it would've made sense if that was what you'd put)

"Cor(r)innes Unite!"

Corrinne said...

crap. I can't type. Just imagine the 'Thanks' is minus the s... sorry...

Corinne said...

When I first read your name on here, Corrinne, I did the whole 'I don't remember replying to these comments' double take. And then I realised. Doh.

And no, I don't think you're odd - I'd be a fine one to talk on that - more that bits of your life sound scarily like mine.

Nik said...

well done to the both of you for completely confusing me!!!! *rolls eyes*