Friday, April 08, 2005

Fashion Lesson Number 1:

Fashion Lesson Number 1:

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Co-ordinate with popstar-boy which one of you is going to wear horizontal stripes. Failing that, grab a pashmina and/or a SSoB flier [depending on preference/gender] and hope no one notices.

NB: There is a closeup of this where Griffin looks very smiley and absolutely gorgeous. I, however, look like a person who's just been traumatised by a dancing bear. Both counts may be true, but since this is my blog you're getting the one where I look better.

*Shamelessly stolen from Shona.

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Nik said...

It could be worse, one of you could be wearing vertical stripes!

P.S - It would seem you have another stalker in the form of Ali who accidentally found the roundabout by your house when in Leeds a while ago. Coincidence? I think not. I think you need a bodyguard... ;)