Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Crazy, Funny and Lovely Things

Crazy, Funny and Lovely Things

Despite the fact that I've spent the last 12 hours or so wearing a jumper with a playboy bunny on it* and a sock with a hole in**, today's been rather productive. I covered Aphra Behn, who rocks not least because I can legitimately mention Virginia Woolf when I talk about her. She rocks for other reasons too, but really the Ginny thing is more than enough for me. Between chunks of The Rover I also managed to sort out an entry for a playwrighting competition; I'm not providing any more details though given that I don't want you all to be able to point and laugh when nothing comes of it. And despite this activity I managed to limit my chocolate intake to one bar of Galaxy. Can you feel the smugness radiating from me?

The last couple of days in Distant Aggravation land, however, have been a little odd because of the blog I made on Sunday night. No, not the one about the ducks. The other one. Clearly whatever those blog writing guides say, the key to getting people to read and comment on your blog is to write something mildly controversial about I don't know whether to be scared or amused that in just over 24 hours the word of the blog had spread far beyond its normal reach. It's also a bit off-putting to realise that for the word to spread as far as it did there must have been people reading, or at least checking, this blog who were a little pre-disposed not to like me. If that's you - hello. I'm a blog whore, I'll take whatever readers I can get. Plus it feels like some great rite of passage to have gotten my first insulting comments***. A sign of blog maturity at last. For anyone else who's come along to read the controversy bit, feel free to have a wander around. There are better written entries than the one you've come to read, there are even the odd one or two where I'm funny. You never know you might like it.

And, before everything returns back to normal here on DA and I return to blogging about cowboy boots, I should say a little thank you to everyone who expressed their views. It was lovely to read them all and a rather heartening reminder of why I used to be so proud to be part of the Griffin fan community. The title of this blog is, of course, for you all. Bring it on, eh?

*No, I didn't buy this myself and yes, I'm wearing it in a retro ironic fashion.

**Responsibility of the cowboy boots.

***On the sliding scale of rites of passage I'm thinking it tallies somewhere with getting your first bra. Or something like that.


Val said...

A couple of comments - I love Aphra Behn, particularly The Rover (which I once saw 3 times in Stratford!)and the title of your blog entry made me smile - I still believe that some corners of the Griffin fan world are crazy, funny, and lovely, and I wouldn't have them any other way. xxx

cat said...

one play, three times? seems excessive to me Val. Cx

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Nik said...

And the prize for making me laugh out loud goes not to Corinne for wearing a jumper with a Playboy bunny on it, but to Cat for the above comment.

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