Sunday, April 17, 2005



Given that there are bears with sore heads who are marginally less tetchy than I currently am, and since my room has enough alcohol in it to provide more than ample scope for stomach pumping , I did what is the only solution to stress in Oxford.

I went and sat in the park near the ducks and within sight of the cherwell, just in case someone should fall into the water whilst punting*.

When you enter the University parks from the entrance opposite St Anne's you're immediately confronted with a choice. Left or right. Right places you firmly on the work track leading on to a large glass fronted building that houses some science subject and then, if you continue furthur down the dirt track, you hit the English Faculty. Given this I invariably turn right.

In Trinity, however, left becomes a proper option. Within seconds of taking the left path you seem to step outside the confines of the University. Students lazing on the ground or playing ultimate frizzbee disappear from the horizon and then, by the time that you hit the duck pond, that most rare of species has appeared - people who actually live in Oxford for 12 months a year. With its ducks and breadcrumbs this is one of my favourite places in Oxford.

Whilst I emphatically do not 'do' rural in any real sense - other than fleeting trips where I can wonder and then move on, hopefully in the direction of some nice country pub - I love sitting in parks. By their very design parks are nature for people who get excited about concrete slabs and city streets. And today as I sat, with the major works of Swift to hand, hearing various conversations brush over me I felt rather content.

*Unfortunately no one did.**

**Not that this was entirely unexpected, I've only ever seen one person fall in in nearly four years of going punting. But I still live in hope.


Nik said...

Oops I meant to edit the above comment but then decided to just delete it and start again and that happened. Grr.
Anyway, as i was saying: when I push Gayle in, your count will go up to two.*

*I refer you to my brilliant drawing from last summer.

gayle said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Why do I not know about this plan?

Corinne said...

That drawing was one of the highlights of my summer!

And don't worry, Gayle. It's not very deep. But you might want to hang on to your glasses.

gayle said...

So was it a good drawing of me? (note how my shallowness is over-riding my concern for my safety here)

Nik said...

Erm, well I draw stick people. Draw your own conclusions...
[no pun intended, I hasten to add]

gayle said...

Yay, a stick-thin Gayle. In the words of Al Griffin in the words of David Cassidy, I think I love you. ;)