Monday, April 25, 2005

All The World's A Stage

All The World's A Stage

Or, at least according to one of my tutors in today's coffee and cream revision seminar, we should "think of the exam as a stage"*.

Other interesting snippets between all the cream and the biscuits?

"Don't do the 'Talk about: toothbrushes' questions. They're rubbish"**.

"Think of your revision as bits of lego"***.

And, my personal favourite and possible something I should live my life by:

"It's better to be interesting than right"****.

*Which does beg the question - if it's a stage, where is the safety curtain?

**As odd as some of the questions are I don't think they've ever, as yet, asked us to write an essay on toothbrushes in relation to Milton's Paradise Lost or something of that nature.

***Maybe I could build a pirate ship out of them.

****Except when you're challenged on what the word 'laconic' means. Then it's just better to be right.


shona said...

I was going to mention stages with 'empty wine bottles' or 'scrabbling on the floor looking for something lost' but all I can say is ....... coffee, cream, and biscuits revision sessions - I like Oxford's style!

Val said...

I like the idea of the exam as a stage (well, I would) question is, just who are you playing?