Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Y'Know What I Said About The Romans...

Y'Know What I Said About The Romans...

So I was just finishing the Roman post, dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's and then, without any form of warning there was a POP! Not just a kind of 'snap, crackle and pop' pop. But an Oh-My-God-Will-I-Still-Have-My-Fringe-After-This pop. And with the pop came a flash of light. And for a second I did wonder if this was God coming down to avenge the easter card to Jesus thing. Indeed the tingle that went up my right arm seemed to indicate that His lightning bolt had come straight at me. Just as I was about to kneel down and beg forgiveness it struck me that the moment of the POP had co-incided with my computer monitor going blank. And though the computer itself was still buzzing merrily, I was looking at the blank screen of serves-you-right-for-not-saving-your-blog-in-word. Well, 21st century means and all that.

Having had all of these thoughts I only at this point considered that it might be wise to SWITCH OFF THE ELECTRIC. Once I'd done that, glad in the knowledge that I'm not - at least for now - going to be appearing on an episode of 999, it hit me that the popping, and the electricity surge, and the blue light probably meant that the monitor had broken. Well, at least it hadn't been more serious. Like my right hand. And then I reconsidered this. OH MY GOD THE MONITOR HAD BROKEN. And I truly began wondering what time our local library opens. I can survive without lots of things, but, please Noooo, not the internet. I'm a girl in the midst of marathon training. How am I supposed to fulfil my measily breaks when I can't leave the house because of the aches and the fact that I can talk about nothing other than Chaucer?

Just as I was about to get back down on my knees and pray, it hit me that my own-non-internet-when-at-home-computer had, as all good desktops should, a fully-working monitor. Which could be swapped with ease. Well, given the tangle of wires at both ends of the equation, not so much ease as hugely befundled scrambling. But still. Hope was in sight. Once I'd gotten through the tangle of wires, stubbed my toe twice on the dining room chairs and nearly dropped the stupid-broken-monitor, I was back on course. Unfortunately not even near electricution could stop me blogging the 'future' thing the moment that I got back online. You win some, you lose some.

The only problem now is: I'm a little bit scared. Not about the popping, or the flashing lights, but about the fact that my lovely flat screen monitor is connected to a computer which Noah thought was a little too outdated to go on the Ark. I do not want my monitor doing anything that involves popping. Least of all doing something that involves popping and sending electricity into my body. Now I know that the popping monitor had long since passed its retirement age. I'd sat and wrote my first ever Six Form essay on it. It was its time to go. And being a member of the Furness household, it wasn't going to go quietly. But I still worry. Thus I utter an involuntary shudder at every rountinely odd noise that the computer makes. And it's an old computer, it considers its odd noises to be part of its character. So I'm giving furtive worried looks at rather too regular intervals.

But, my need to blog is ultimately bigger than my need not to have a popping monitor.

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Nik said...

snap, crackle, pop...just kidding babe. i'm sure it's fine, though should said nice flat screen monitor decide to blow up/implode on itself/fire itself off into space like a firework, i accept no responsibility. and i completely understand the need to blog.