Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Woman Dipped In Blood And All That

A Woman Dipped In Blood And All That

After yesterday's coloured pens and planning fun*, today it was back to the coal face. Or something like that since there wasn't any coal involved, my excavation duties being limited to attempting to find my complete works of Marlowe. Which was more than enough to traumatise me for life given that I absolutely know that somewhere amongst my books I have a penguin edition with a picture of Marlowe on the front. But can I find it? Johnson? Middleton? Yes. Marlowe? No. And I'm sulking over this one because I know it's my fault. Up until Christmas all of my books were arranged alphabetically in various sub-divisions which correspondended to my various papers. This was i)for ease of location and ii)because I like all of my penguin books to be together. When I came back home at Christmas I got the most virulent strain of flu which Whitby** had to offer and hence never managed to put back correctly the books which I'd taken to Oxford. Now - and please hear the panic in my voice here - there is no system. Some sections remain in pristine condition but the majority have lost all semblance of order. There is chaos. And whilst I can deal with chaos in most areas of my life I cannot deal with book chaos. Book chaos means that in a book emergency you can't locate that essential, life saving, edition. And why I'm now wracking my brain as to where Kit has dissapeared to. It's not like I actually need Kit - Marlowe's a bad move in exams because he's so damned cool*** that everyone wants to talk about him - but it's now bugging me that I can't find this edition when I know that I have it. And I'm going to keep being obsessional about this book until I find it. Or until someone suffocates me because they've had enough of me going on about it. Either would, frankly, be a blessed relief.

As much as that ever wily Kit tried to steal the show, today actually belonged to Thomas Middleton. And I love Tom. How could I not when in two of his plays**** he uses the chess metaphor even less subtly than I did in SSoB? He really is a man after my own heart. Just one little question that I'd like to pose to him and his dramatic ilk - what's with all the incest, violence, murder and adultery? And people think that 'in-yer-face' theatre was a thing of the nineties. And for Tom himself I'd like to ask - what's with the name Isabella? Do you know how confusing it is for two of the main characters in your two most famous plays to share the same name? You really don't give us students any slack.

*I use this word loosely.

**This is marginally unfair on Whitby since I was already ill prior to Griffin pulling one of his least weather friendly stunts of all in the middle of December and my chosing not to wear a coat thinking that the venue would open their doors at some point. But the flu will go down forever more as stupid-freezing-Whitby flu.

***C'mon Marlowe is fantastically cool. Everyone knows that.

****A proper footnote! At last! Women Beware Women and A Game At Chess


Nik said...

I agree, Marlowe is cool. Alas, I can't help you find your book. Phones and keys I can help you with. Books, no. xx

Val said...

I love the name Isabella, after all I gave it to one of my cats! And Marlowe is great (but he wasn't Shakespeare!)Hope you find the book as I can sense the rising panic!

Cat said...

I'm still reeling from the books-out-of-order thing, it's actually giving me palpitations. which is odd when my own books are all totally out of order, it must be just a work thing...