Thursday, March 17, 2005



I'm very aware that talking to yourself denotes some kind of loss of sanity, be it impending or otherwise. But I'm not sure on what the official, gov't endorsed, position on talking to CDs, radio and the television is. Perfectly acceptable? A quirk that, rather like gettng excited about naked Colin Murray, shouldn't be mentioned in polite society? Or a sign that you're only two pencils, a pair of pants and a 'wibble' away from taking residence in secure accomodation? My reason for this sudden interest? I've become incapable of listening to anything without feeling the need to talk back to it.

Exhibit A:
Comedy Dave's Tedious Link on Tuesday's breakfast show.
Dave - And it's Five!
Me - Genius, Comedy Dave! Absolute Genius!*

I'm not sure what I was expecting here. For Comedy Dave to agree with his genius? For Chris Moyles to dispute it? Regardless, I was talking to the radio, before attempting to do the correct dance to the song.

Exhibit B:
CD of Griffin's Whitby Gig.
Griffin - Another song I pioneered in Germany...
Me - [with some insistance] No you didn't! You were playing the accoustic version of that song outside an empty santa display a year earlier. And stop it with the pioneer.

Again did I expect Griffin to argue the point? For him to drop the whole 'I pioneered this song' spiel? Or to stop mid-song on the recording of a gig which happened three months ago, and make everyone aware of the mistake?

Exhibit C:
Today's episode of Neighbours.
-Paul Robinson, back from the great Neighbours resting place in the sky, asks lots of questions.
Me - Don't trust Paul! He made bad records in the eighties. And he's still got the same haircut he had them.

-Steff is arrested.
Me - What are you doing? Surely the medical reports would have shown he was suffocated? And they've burried the body now. How's that going to provide the vital piece of evidence?

Possibly the more worrying aspect of this exhibit is that I clearly have forgotten that Neighbours has no grasp on reality whatsoever. Normal rules do not apply. Of course there wasn't any medical evidence, why let that get in the way of a good cliff-hanger and the opportunity to demonstrate that once again they only have one female police officer [when the storyline does not concern Stu] who is allowed to speak.

So, in the final summing up, pending insanity or perfectly ok? I suspect that the Jury may still be out.

* Yep, my genuine reaction to hearing the song of a mediocre late nineties boyband on the radio was utter elation. I suspect I should get out more often.


Cat said...

Paul Robinson is back in Neighbours?! why did no one tell me this? I used to adooore that man, whilst everyone else was going mad for Jason Donovan. but before I set the video to record it whilst I'm out, tell me this; has he aged well?

Gayle said...

Don't it make you feeeeeel goooooooood?
Sorry, I don't know where that came from.

Corinne said...

Oh, yes, Paul's back - and worryingly he looks exactly the same as he always did. He either uses a a very good brand of hairdye or he's got a picture in the attic too.

I was always a Jason fan...too many broken hearts in the wo-orld...

Nik & Ali said...

We feel it's perfectly sane to talk to electrical appliances, indeed it is just as normal to yell at a kettle, "why won't you work?" as it is to yell "it's marie!" along with chris moyles in the middle of aled's version of 'Is this the way to Amarillo?'

love Nik & Ali xx

P.S Message from Mopsey -rafigyuhk