Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wales, Baby!

Wales, Baby!

I'm sure that there are lots of sensible things which I could blog about. Issues that have been cluttering up the newspapers. What I think about the forthcoming royal wedding*. Even what I think about the fact that wearing a hat immediately makes random people talk to you**. But no. The only thing which I can bring myself to blog about today is that fact that this time tommorrow I will be in Cardiff.

Leeks, sheep, Welsh flags and Fox. What more could anyone want from a Sunday in March?

*I would, though, rather jab myself in the eye with a pencil than spend any of my time formulating an opinion on this subject.

**Today's count - two very odd men, one of whom had strange facial hair. Do we think that Sienna has to put up with this?


Nik said...

obviously you missed me off that list...


Ali said...

Shame on you Furness!