Saturday, March 12, 2005

There's Something About Hilary

There's Something About Hilary

St Anne's has just about freed itself from the nightmare which is 300 plus students leaving on the same day. Even before we started the-longest-building-project-in-the-world the end of term free-for-all was something straight out of a B-Horror Movie, but with a marginally more annoying soundtrack. Now, when the only parking space in college is either i)right in front of my house which is no use for anyone but me and my housemates because it's too far away from anywhere or ii) approx two metres square next to the bicycle racks, it has turned into something which even Mr Stephen King would be fearful of writing about. Today was only made more enjoyable by the fact that there was the second year parents garden party. So we had the normal free for all and a giant tent across the grass. Which is always an interesting combination.

But today marks the end of Hilary term. So by rights we should be in the midst of spring, with lambs leaping, the smell of dew hanging in the air and the sight of rowers happily plodding home from the Cherwell. But there's a noticeable lack of any of that. Instead, to put not too fine a point on it, it's bloody freezing. Freezing. Did you hear that at the back? FREEZING. If it gets any colder I may have to defrost my fingers. To combat the fact that I'm absolutely bloody freezing I've been given the tiniest heater in the world. Seriously, my hairdryer is bigger. And indeed would probably have a greater effect. And because my room only has one plug socket, using the heater requires me to make huge choices as to what electrical item loses its place in the large adaptor-that-is-probably-going-to-over-heat-and-kill-us-all. So I can use my computer but not my printer, or I can use my printer but not listen to any music, or, and I'm leaning towards this, I can have a rant about being freezing cold and having a heater that came from the pound shop bargain bin. Aherm.

If today is the last day of Hilary then I have to acknowledge it as being the first Hilary term that I've fully completed without ending up in hospital either because of a collision with a desk or because my bone marrow decided that it wanted to cut-loose from social constraints and do what the hell it liked. So I must toast this Hilary for not giving me either a black eye or a corkscrew wound in my hip bone. Thank you my final ever Hilary. I can't say you've ever been my favourite term, but you've done a lot to turn it round this year. I'll remember you fondly.

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