Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Run Away and Chase The Moon

Run Away and Chase The Moon

Dear Griffin,

So it's been a year today since the release of 'You and Me (tonight)'*. A year since you did exactly what Nik and I had predicted that you were going to do and jumped into the pool - is that the right word? Expanse of water? Death trap? Accident waiting to happen? It's hard to tell what you should call something that exists inside a fake cruise liner in the midst of a shopping centre. But the water, anyway. A year since those seemingly endless signing queues. And though I mock you for it, we were worried about your right hand. And indeed how you'd managed to do, aherm, things after all the wear and tear. You can't say that we don't think about your welfare.

Things have, of course, changed since then. We've both got more grey hair for starters**. And those bloody deck shoes of yours have appeared. There have been other changes that I don't find it as easy to joke about. For me, the 15th March marks both a beginning and an end. And whenever there's an end there's bound to be some feeling of sadness. In our case it's usually got nothing to do with the record contract and more to do with the absence of Steeeve. We do have a soft spot for Steeeve - how could we not when he genuinely thought that we were going to try and kidnap you in Falkirk***. It's nice to see that he appreciated the scale of our power.

Anyway, to get back to what I was saying. Or since I'm not quite sure exactly what I'm saying, back to dancing around it. After Y&M everything got subtly altered - for us as well as you. And I know that it's never going to go back to how it was, that it won't ever quite be the same as it was that day in Boro in the midst of the Thistle hotel and that we mean something entirely different to you now than we did then. We've become associated with things and actions that whilst out of our control, we maybe inadvertently put in motion. And for that I want to say sorry. But, even if I were given the chance to go back to that moment, to have that again, I don't think that I would. Obviously I'd have the sitting in the bar bit, you still owe me a drink*****, but I think that I'm prouder of you than I ever was. Yep, I think you need to get off your arse some times, and being nicer to those Riccardi boys wouldn't go amiss. And indeed pull another stunt like Scarborough, Mr, and I'll be having words. But I'm still intensely proud of you. And wouldn't have it any other way.

If this week's giving me a bit of an emotional pang, then I can't imagine what it must feel like for you. But then it's always been the nature of the game that we should look forward rather than back. Indeed there are times when if I'd have looked backwards I'd never have been able to face you again. I do have some scruples y'know. Obviously I've got no idea where the next year is going, what kind of blog letter I'll be writing you then******. But, even though circumstances have changed and even we're a little more jaded, I still enjoy every minute of it. And you've still got the ability to make me cry when you sing like no other singer I've ever heard. I should scold you for that really, with 'Fields of Gold' you opened up the floodgates; I've never been the same since.

I don't think you'll ever realise just how much you've inadvertently created and for that I owe you a bigger thank you than for anything else. Who'd have thought it from a guy with three - very tatty - blue jumpers and a guitar. But these things happen. And I'm really glad they did.


PS. You'll never beat Al Griffin.

*Don't forget the brackets.

**Seriously I'm starting to get alarmed on my part. It's probably my karmic reward for announcing the existence of your grey hairs on a website.

***Of course we weren't. We hadn't concocted a plan at all. Should you ever see any evidence of this, it wasn't us.****

****Before anyone calls the police, this is of course a joke. Honestly.

*****Alternatively you can claim the one Fox bought me, so you owe Fox a drink.

******That is, of course, if I haven't abandoned you in favour of a younger model.


Cat said...

that brought a pang from somewhere deep inside. things have changed. we've changed. but a least I only find rouge blonde hairs. as yet.

Nik said...

cat, they were never blonde and they never will be...*nik runs to hide from cat's wrath*

coza, what happened to "dear pretty jude law..."?!


Jude said...

almost (but not quite) shed a few tears reading that - in the words of the almighty Dylan 'Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.'

agree with you about the shoes...

Val said...

Another one who went a bit misty eyed reading that(sniff)not sure how you do it, but it does capture a lot of the thoughts that I'm(and probably a number of us are)having one year on - but I'm not sure I'd change much of it, even if I could.