Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition

No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition

So I'm six days into my revision schedule. At this point I should, like those rowers with the nice thighs, just be settling down in the groove. Ready to thrash any Tabs who come my way*.

And I could claim that. But it would be a downright lie. I'm more like a very unfit fifty something just starting marathon training. An unfit marathon trainee with cowboy boots and wedges, admitedly, but still an unfit marathon trainee. It's not a pretty sight. I've never realised just how mcuh revision makes you ache. Maybe I've blanked this from my memory of the months of revision prior to my A Levels. Maybe I was actually in some sort of shape to do exams then and I didn't notice. Whatever the case, I'm aching now. My arms ache. My hands ache. Randomly even my left ankle seems to have developed an ache. I don't know how on earth my revision should have effected my left ankle and I haven't even fallen off of my wedges yet this year, but ache it does. I suspect that all of my previously broken bones are coming back to haunt me, so out of practice am I. They're probably all pointing and laughing as I huff and puff through the start of my marathon practice. Ah-ha, you sucker.

As if this wasn't bad enough I only seem to managed coherent conversation when it involves one of three subjects:
1) My aches. Well, you've had that.
2)Neighbours. Or more specifically that Neighbours are killing off my second favourite character. And didn't feel the need to send me special warning prior to screening the episode in Australia. Give me some warning people, it took me months to get over Drew.
3) Troilus and Criseyde. And I thought that I didn't particularly like Chaucer. Turns out that I do.
I'm sure that we can all agree that none of these subjects are fitting for polite conversation.


*I may get over the Boat Race some time in August.


Nik said...

whaaaaat?! who are neighbours killing off?! be careful how you answer this as i managed to miss the last two episodes of home & away and consequently only found out today that noah got shot. even though i knew it was coming, i am still traumatised. xxxxx
p.s - hope ur aches get better before ilkley or you'll have bruises to add to your pain too.

Nik said...

plus i think i may have figured out why you like troilus and criseyde...

cat said...

it's not Paul Robinson is it?

Nik said...

oh if it is then i don't care. cat, on the other hand, may need counceling, and for future reference honey, corinne is crap at councelling... xxx

Corinne said...

No, evil Paul appears to be free to continue his scheming for the future.

I'm not sure whether to reveal as i)it shows my odd taste in favourite characters and ii)if I write it down it means that I've got to accept it.

*Deep breath* They're killing off Karl.

Nik said...

myyyyyyyy god. noooo. i have to go tell lucy. i would explain this except lucy would kill me so i shall have to just say, our house is mad. xxx

Val said...

I don't understand the neighbours convo at all having (ahem) had a job and never watched it, but I understand its a source of entertainment for those at home during the day (i.e. students and actors ;))
But, just one thing, what's a Tab?

Corinne said...

LOL at the 'students and actors'.

Tab is the name by which those pesky Cambridge students are refered to by Oxford students. It's from the fact that whilst we get, for example, BA(Oxon) they get BB(Cantab).

And 'tis ok if Lucy loves Karl, I love Karl too. But not as much as I love Toadie. ;-)

Nik said...

gill has informed me that he doesn't die. all is right in the world. he gets resusitated!!!!

i love stu so you can imagine how devastated i was by the whole blindness thing, i don't think i actually watched the episode when they rescued him.