Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Gonna Go Out And Read Chaucer Tonight

Gonna Go Out And Read Chaucer Tonight

My Rhodri prescribed week of freedom over*, it was time to settle down to sorting out my revision. Which meant getting those coloured pens at the ready and ploughing through all my work folders, picking out the authors who are hopefully going to lead me by the hand to, if not a free bottle of champange and a college prize***, then at least to a respectable 2:1. And when I'd finished plotting my time for the next month I discovered that I really have a lot of ground to cover. Indeed it almost makes me wish that when I was at the start of my second year, spending my weeks thesping and generally blagging my way through my course that I'd actually done some of the stuff that I was supposed to. Like have finished at least one of my Middle English texts. Chaucer, Baby! doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Whilst I was being organised and printing out old exam papers, I came across a question on the 2001 Paper 6 (1760-1832) which made me squeal:
27. "And what were thou, and earth, and stars and sea,
If to the human mind's imagings
Silence and solitude were vacancy?"
(Percy Bysshe Shelley)
Discuss silence and solitude in the work of Shelley or any other writer or writers of the period.
And the reason for my squealing was that this is the section of 'Mont Blanc' that Harry quotes in SSoB. I've had that bit of the poem in my head for so long, I've had to explain its meaning to so many people that it feels like it belongs to me. And if it were to pop up in an exam I may have a convulsion in the midst of examination schools.

*Which involved me being slightly merry, being very windswept and stealing a beer towel from a pub**. But, unfortunately, not the getting laid element of Rhodri's recommendation.

**Apologies to the pub in question. Please know that it went to a very good and appreciative home. And when I'm jailed for my kleptomania I hope people will come and visit me.

***Though it has hit me that a first means money, and money means New York Fund [NYF]


Nik said...

Wow, I knew what it was from the first line!
Harry: "Bloody Byron!"
Kate: "Byron? That's Shelley!"
Is that right? Oh god that's worrying that I'm now quoting your play. xxxx

Corinne said...

Word perfect!

I'm worrying about you too! ;-)

Val said...

I'm more worried about the kleptomaniac tendancies of a nearly Oxford graduate and future famous person!

Nik said...

i'll come visit you in jail though, i wouldn't worry. i shall prepare a pom pom dance to perform for you everytime i visit. xx

Bex said...

but will be it be as good as cheerleading for the over 60s?

Nik said...

one word - no. xx