Friday, March 04, 2005

And Finally...

And Finally...

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Part of SSoB's set. Award winning set, I might add. This photo [stolen shamelessly from Val] shows the most important bits - note the chess board and the bottle of whisky which is now living on my bookshelf. Above the box set there were also large chess pieces [borrowed from a pub outside of Oxford which has a giant chess set] balanced in such a way that they never fell off but which made everyone ask if they ever had. There was also the large piece of white cloth directly above the centre of the set where the projections were made on the nights when the projector decided that it was going to work. On Thursday night that was the job of the chair which you can see. The plans of mice and men and all that.

As a final parting shot I really should record the line, in true 'whose line is it anyway' featurette stylee, which got the biggest laugh every night. Fittingly, given my Will fixation, it belonged to him. Randomly when I wrote it I never realised that in staging it would be funny:

The game not going well?

For those who haven't seen/read the play, this comes near the end when, alone and rejected, Harry has knocked over all of the chess pieces. Will enters, drinks some beer and then deadpans that line. And every night, it got the biggest laugh. Even bigger than the sheep and/or naked Mrs Santa jokes. Didn't spot that one coming.

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