Saturday, February 05, 2005

Whitby's Elvis Sings For Charity...

Whitby's Elvis Sings For Charity...

My books from Amazon arrived today. I like books and getting them through the post - even ones that I've paid for myself - is still something of a thrill. Opening them, sniffing them [ok, so I don't actually sniff them, but you get the idea], flicking through their new pages...It's at times like this when I realise that I may have issues. Anyway, books arrived, I got over-excited. Three weeks worth of back issues of the Whitby Gazette also arrived, courtesy of my mother. It should probably be stated that i)I don't live in Whitby [or indeed the surrounding area] ii)I never have lived in Whitby iii)I don't intend to live in Whitby [unless some fluke happens and the Whitby Gazette offer me a post, in which case I'm packing up my shoes quicksmart and taking up residence in the only seaside resort in Yorkshire which is north facing]. Which does, of course, pose some questions as to why I'm receiving back issues of the Whitby Gazette and why this makes me happy.

In short [there is the 40,000 words and counting version which you can read should you desire] I initially started buying the Whitby Gazette because Griffin was featured. Griffin as used here doesn't refer to the mythical creature of the same name, though why the Whitby Gazette would be featuring that sort of Griffin I'm not sure, but to a guy named Alistair Griffin who, as fate would have it, I ended up supporting during a particularly tortuous series of a British reality television show. Anyway, Griffin was on the front of this particular issue of the Whitby Gazette promoting some raffle which was being used to collect money for the Christmas Lights in Whitby [as I type I think I own several bulbs that graced the streets this Christmas] and I ended up with a copy. I'd like to think that there was some logical step that led to me getting excited about the Whitby Gazette after this, but I can't. It's not even something which I can claim has happened to other people. I remain possibly the lone subscriber to the Whitby Gazette outside of its catchment area. I confess I like it. Firstly, they're always rather nice about Griffin, which definitely has not been the case elsewhere [a particularly stinging snippet from the 3am girls seems to pop into mind] and for that some support in kind seems merited. Secondly, the majority of its content is widely alien from anything which I'm used to. I'm sure that the population of my high school was only marginally smaller than the population of Whitby, which inevitably leads to some wonderful stories. Finally, I've become associated with the Whitby Gazette in a manner I'd struggle to throw off. I was even given a Whitby Gazette bookmark for my birthday. So it's become a marker - literally in this case - and I rather like that.

But I concede, it is slightly odd to have a pile of Whitby Gazette issues in the middle of a room in Oxford.

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