Monday, February 21, 2005

Trotsky's Dustbin

Trotsky's Dustbin

Question: "Rhetoric has always tended to outgrow its original concern with persuasive public speaking". (A Lanlam) Where would you locate rhetoric?

Answer: In the bin, along with structuralism, huge chunks of Freudian literary criticism, Bovril*, whoever decided that ponchos where going to have a resurgence so that I can no longer wear mine, Richard Park, most 'dance'** music, all of Charles Dicken's early work, George Bush, skirts than are wider than they are long and people who dislike Sienna Miller***.

*Though not Birthday Bovril, as that is a thing of comedy genius. Just don't expect me to drink it.
**Dance my arse. Abba you can dance to. Steps you can dance to. You never get people at weddings dancing to 'dance music'.
***Not only because she is engaged to Pretty Jude Law, but because she is a style goddess. She even wears brown with black.

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