Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Seat With A View

A Seat With a View

So SSoB had its premiere. And it's hard to encapsulate exactly how in love I am with the play once again. There were a few comedy technical hitches - namely the fact that the projection decided to stop working after one slide - and some nerves from the cast, but I saw the play in a way that I'd never seen it before. I think sitting at the top of a theatre looking down on people who have paid to see it does that to you.

Afterwards I went out for drinks with Cristina and James, which was rather brilliant not least because they paid and we spent rather a lot of time looping around the play. And, without prompting, James said that the political bit had made him think of David Hare's* Amy's View . At this I could quite gladly have signed my soul over to him.

* I love David Hare. I want to be David Hare. I think you're probably getting the picture here.

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