Thursday, February 17, 2005

Review + Red Wine = Rant

Review + Red Wine = Rant

So I got the first review of SSoB today. And basically it sucked. Well, that may be an overstatement as I've seen a number of reviews this term where plays have been slated and it wasn't that bad. But I'm not bringing out the bunting, let's put it that way. So, given that I've spent the evening drinking red wine and eating at Freuds and I'm a little tipsy [consequently my disbelief has given way to annoyance] I'm going to make a list as to what is wrong with the review. It'll save the therapy bills.

i) All other reviews for NWF shows grounded the review on the production as a whole. My reviewer grounded it entirely in the script. And his lack of empathy there of. Which is both unfair and misleading.
ii) He made out that he'd seen the entire show. He hadn't. He's seen 20 minutes of it. And because of this he actually got his overview of the play wrong. In the entire play there are only three actual references to what has to be Oxford Uni. And he only saw one of them. It is not a play about Oxford and anyone who actually sees it in full would be aware of this.
iii) He mentioned that there were good things BUT DIDN'T TALK ABOUT THEM.
iv) He wittered on about 'Oxford New Writing' without getting to the point, leaving inferences about cliche hanging.
v) When I did theatre here there was such a thing as student review ettiquette. I'd noticed with the fact that two plays this term have been ripped apart in the Oxspew that this ettiquette seemed to be disappearing. It should come back. Student theatre needs to be given some slack at times.

And because I'm annoyed it was very, very noticeable that the play in the NWF which is written by the guy who edits the drama section of the Oxspew got a glowing review. Odd that one.

I'm giving myself until midnight tonight to remain annoyed and then move on. Mainly because this is some shitty student reviewer, and a shitty student reviewer who probably couldn't write something to save their not-so-bony arse at that. At the end of the day SSoB is a finalist for the award, was chosen by a theatre manager to go in their theatre and was enough to make the Writer's Director at the Soho Theatre want to talk to me. Meanwhile, shitty reviewer is peddling his views in a free student newspaper. I'll stay where I am, if that's alright.

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