Monday, February 14, 2005

Promo - the Penguin Classic Way

Promo - the Penguin Classic Way

Given that we've only been distributing the promo for SSoB for less than 48 hours it was rather heartening that twice today I saw posters which I hadn't put up. Given that one display was in the window of the Old Fire Station Theatre where the play is being staged it probably doesn't count, but the first time I saw the poster was on my way to the English faculty library, which - abiding by all possible rules on these sort of things - definitely counts. Got an email from The Graduate too to say that he'd seen a poster, which has to be considered a good sign. The promotional bandwagon is starting to roll out. I also saw two of the other NWF shows' posters. I know I'm biased, but I like mine the best [I'd seen the very, very pink posters of the remaining show at Sunday's Press Preview]. Mine's the only one which looks like it might be the cover of a Penguin Novel. Which is surely how one should judge these things. By the end of the week I'd rather hope that I can't walk into Oxford without seeing one.

It's half term here, however, which does deminish my desire to go into Oxford somewhat. Given that I don't have any contact with schools in Oxford I run the school timetable by that which afffects my brothers, ie. the one in Leeds. Therefore I'd assumed that last week was half term and it consequently came as something of a shock when I went into town today and couldn't move for children. Don't get me wrong, I like children, it's just that Oxford's a nightmare normally, when you add teenagers congregating around the Odeon for no clear reason so that the paths get blocked and the taxis have to hoot them out of the way every two seconds and under fives riding their bright pink bicycles [why didn't I get a bright pink bike?] in the middle of the pavement it becomes unbearable. Which makes life interesting when I've got a tutorial at Jesus* tomorrow, which is slap bang in the middle of town. I'd better prepare to use my elbows.

*Jesus only makes me giggle slightly because of the aforementiond JCS issue; I giggled more when I went there during the point when JCS was showing in Oxford and there was a large promo poster with 'Jesus College' stamped over Glenn Carter's [Jesus] head. I confess to having gotten excited whenever I saw those posters, though there's absolutely nothing Penguin Classic stylee about them!

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