Friday, February 04, 2005

The One Without The Swigging

So, what do you think of Marilyn? I nearly opted for a blog skin with playboy bunny shot glasses at the top, but in the end Marilyn won through. With a dress that gorgeous it would have been rude not to.

In this hive of productivity [not only did I find a new blog skin I also managed to finish my reading for my essay this week, which on a Friday morning is something of a triumph] I also fished out my former online journal from the realms of my computer and stuck it up here. It's a few years old, and the phrasing and spelling is, shall we say interesting, but I do have a fondness for my incarnation as Hugh-Grant-Loving-Wine-Swigging-Northern-Girl. Whilst I still wouldn't say no to Hugh Grant, if I'm honest then Pretty Jude Law [to give him his correct title] may have surpassed him in recent months. And, after a particular incident with wine which left me spending 12 hours becoming intimately aquainted with my stomach lining, I don't really tend to swig wine anymore. Indeed it was probably swigging that got me into that position. It's a valuable lesson I'm sure you'll all agree. Funds allowing I'm more of a Baileys drinker now. I'm still Northern if that counts.

Further to yesterday's comments, it's a good job that I'm starting to get a hold of SSoB as it turns out there's a bit of a preview thing going on in Borders in Oxford in a couple of weeks time and I have to go and speak. Eeek. "Well, this is my play...there are six characters...and an implosion. Please enjoy the preview, maybe even buy a ticket, and if not, I'd recommend buying something by Virginia Woolf, or if you're not feeling that adventurous, then a copy of Marie Claire". It'll have them rushing to the theatre box office, I can tell that now.

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