Saturday, February 12, 2005

Jesus Christ Superstar - The Broadway Version

Jesus Christ Superstar - The Broadway Version

Last night I went to see Gateway to Heaven/Credo two one act plays by Cristina Bejan. Cristina's one of my two American-Playwright-Friends [APF for short], the other being Reina who I have to be extra nice to at the moment as she has discovered that she wasn't given a 'name' in my old blog whilst the male lead of the play we worked on was. She should be happier now though as she's in my new blog and I've no idea where the male lead is or what he's doing. That's showbusiness for you. Anyway, the three of us have some strange six-degrees-of-separation thing going on [that would be Cristina, Reina and I rather than any combination which involved the absent male lead] as we all independently know each other. Which I find slightly odd given that I)Cristina and Reina are American and America's a big country ii)we've never all been in Oxford at the same time for more than three days in the last four years iii)it's just odd.

Anyway, before I continue to ramble down that path, I'll return to my original train of thought, Cristina's plays. I really enjoyed them, after all how often do you get to see God dressed as Ozzy Osbourne on stage? If I had a preference though it was for Gateway. As its title implies it was set in heaven's waiting room, where Ronald Reagan, Madonna and a guy called Karl were all waiting to see St Peter, supervised by the waiting room's receptionist, Joan of Arc. It was witty and clever theatre, without being the type that blows your head, in effect it was exactly what I needed after the events of the day. It also contained jokes about Jesus Christ Superstar which I found absolutely hilarious having sat through more showings of JCS* in the last few months than is probably healthy. It's possible that I might get to a stage where just the mere mention of JCS doesn't make me laugh but as there are numerous things which I really should have moved on from laughing about [pirate ships, non-chaffing rope, whelks, Jessie-the-sheep to name just 0.000001%] I'm not holding out much hope.

*For anyone who doesn't know the reason for this, it is not because I'm some JCS freak or manic Andrew Lloyd Webber maniac, but because Fox** was appearing as Judas.

**Not very often that footnotes have footnotes but I'm diving into whole new territories today. For anyone who knows not Fox, he is also part of the summer of the horrifically-tortuous-reality-television show. I didn't vote for him during the show, though he was always my mum's favourite, but four or five months after the show had finished I ended up going to see him when he came to York as he's the flatmate of Griffin and they're wonderfully sweet together [I'd put some comment in there but I only make dubious witticisms about them when I'm either in or going to Manchester. I'm not exactly sure why such jokes should have a geographical basis, but clearly in my brain they do]. Of course when I met him it turned out that he was incredibly lovely and rather talented [I maintain you need to hear Fox live to really capture him], and thus he became something of a story in his own right. He is also, for future reference, due to comedy reasons 'my best friend'. The less said about this, the better.

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