Sunday, February 20, 2005

In Defence of Pondering

In Defence of Pondering

Things that I have pondered today:

1) Why there are currently lots of little girls walking around Oxford wearing brightly-coloured stripey tights. It makes me jealous as I'm not five years old and can't get away with wearing them with a tiny tutu and some miny ugg boots. Indeed I can't get away with wearing them full stop, unless I wanted my legs to resemble over-grown tree trunks. I've already resolved that any future daughter of mine will wear them, preferably with a pair of legwarmers too. Boho Princess here I come.

2)Exactly why Drama Tutor is so fond of Pinter when all of his plays - Betrayal aside - are practically the same play.

3) Whether I will forever more get a knot in my stomach and the desire to 'whoop' when I hear the opening bars of 'Superstar' from JCS. And whether I can actually allow myself to live down the fact that I whooped in a theatre. Whilst sitting behind a class of 10 year olds.

4)When I'm going to decide what exactly I'm doing about my twenty-odd pounds worth of nector vouchers. For some reason I feel that I need to spend them on something more substantial than my weekly shopping. But I don't know what, given that my amount of points probably only qualifies me for a Big Mac meal.

5)Whether it is morally right that I've just eaten three penguin chocolate bars on the bounce.

6)And whether it would be straying into even dodgier territory if I ate a fourth.

7)Whether I've been doing all this mindless pondering because of what the next 48 hours hold in store, namely, and in order of trauma:
i) Whether Cristina's play got a slot.
ii)The release of my Extended Essay Questions
iii)SSoB's dress rehearsal
iv) My final ever scheduled tutorial
v) SSoB's premiere.

8) If I'm going to forget to breathe or not.

9) If I should get my cowboy boots re-heeled, for the ultimate ye-hah effect.

10) How two people named David and Victoria could end up with a son named Cruz*.

*Though this was somewhat better than when I first heard the name on Radio Two today, which had me frantically hoping that their association with a certain Mr Tom Cruise hadn't gone too far.

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