Thursday, February 03, 2005

If it's good enough for you...

Today started with Chris Moyles's voice emanating through my room, talking about Star Trek. Always an interesting way to start the day, I'm sure you'll agree. After such an odd beginning I fully contemplated staying in bed, blowing off my morning lecture and surfacing some time around mid-day, when I'd then get to wander around my house in my Miffy pyjamas and be accosted by an American student looking for Seminar Room C. I let this thought settle for a bit, the notion of more sleep outweighing the embarrassment of the American student situation, and the guilt of missing what is the only lecture series that I'm attempting to attend this term slinking away. Then Comedy Dave's* tedious link track turned out to be Dodgy's 'Good Enough' and suddenly I was singing along, and couldn't even pretend to be lolling back to sleep. So I got up and went to the lecture. I'd request some brownie points for that were it not part of my degree and probably actually expected of me.

I ended up talking to someone about SSoB today which is, and I'm somewhat thankful about this, getting easier. It's not that it's a subject that I don't like talking about, it's just that I really don't have the answers in a way that's uniquely embarrassing when you're the writer. "It's well...erm...about these six characters and...erm..." "Thank you for that insight". I believe that I use the word implode a lot when describing it. Six characters and an implosion. Snappy. But it is getting easier, and I'm glad. Harold Pinter always claims that he knows nothing beyond what is written in his plays, which I'm beginning to understand, but it's not something I'd feel satisfied with. So I'm kind of glad that maybe, albeit after over 18 months of living with this play, things are slowly starting to make sense.

It also hit me today of something that should be in the play but isn't. It's rather annoying that I've managed to solve a problem that's been bugging me for a while now and now I can't do anything to fix it because the play belongs to so many other people too. Maybe after the production's over I might make some changes, if not because I'm going to send it round the literary managers, then for my own good. I'm probably focusing on this because I'm starting writing another play, and I haven't got a proper handle on it yet so it's easier to think of something I'm starting to understand than something I have absolutely no idea about. Well, when I say no idea that's not exactly true. I have a title and a final line. Technically I do have more than that, but they're the only bits that I'm sure on. And no doubt they'll both change. As I said before, beginnings, in any shape or form, are not my strong point.

*If you don't know who Comedy Dave is or what on earth I'm talking about then I apologise. I've been sucked in. It's probably terminal.

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