Monday, February 21, 2005

Bring It On!

Bring It On!

WARNING: This post may contain production spoilers. So if you're Nik then look away after the first paragraph.

I've now decided that rhetoric may be consigned to the dustbin of my history but I haven't entirely lost all patience with the over-arching subject which it belongs to. Namely because the email I sent to Rhodri, my insane but uttery hilarious language tutor, with my 900 word unfinished essay got a lovely reply back which i)didn't mock my panic and ii)told me not to worry about finishing the essay and we'd talk about it tomorrow. I almost feel guilty about mocking him at the weekend over lunch with Sam. Almost but not quite.

SSoB's tech, which largely consisted of everyone faffing with lights, tripping over the rug on the floor of Sophie and Jay's living room which hadn't been taped down and the Stage Manager forgetting to spray Jay with water before he came on for the last moments of the play, and thus coming on mid speech and spraying him in the face with what resembled the kind of device which is usually used to wash windows with. Can't say it's the sort of meaningful ending that I'd evisaged when I wrote the play, but I did laugh. I also saw the set of projections which are being used between Act One and Two for the first time, which were rather fab, not least for the comedy inclusion of a duck. You think of Oxford, you immediately think of ducks. I can see the logic.

It was rather wonderful though to hear the play in the theatre. Hearing people speak the words that I'd written in the confines of Teddy Hall was rather nice, but hearing them echo round a theatre was even better. And, even though I should have seen this one coming, I have a set. A proper set - complete with some rather cool giant chess pieces. What more could anyone want from life. I think from this point in even if we don't sell a single ticket, I'm happy. In fact I'm more than happy. I definitely didn't envisage SSoB in the midst of the OFS when I wrote it, indeed for a long time I didn't even imagine anyone but me reading it. Until four months ago no one else had. And then today I stood in the midst of a theatre, with my name on all the posters outside, with people saying my lines, and even our Production Manager breaking at one point to say to the actors "you're not putting your glasses on the mats. In Sophie's house you'd put the glasses on the mats". And he's right. Sophie would make you put your glass on a coaster.

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